“Yesterday my sister and I attended your workshop at Mount Carmel. I must say I am so glad I attended it. I feel I have gained so much insight and understanding to my life and how stress works and how to manage things more effectively.

“My brother, husband and myself felt concerned about the great deal of stress my sister has gone through with the very destructive abusive relationship my sister had with her estranged husband, watching the farm fall apart and destroyed, and the continual stress of trying to get her money that is been held by the lawyers, and the battles have continued. And her 2 teenage sons who she had to protect while going through all of this. So we thought she would benefit from the workshop you offered. You are intuitive and kind and explain things so easily. I was surprised how you got my sister to open up and discuss private and embarrassing things so openly. She felt hopeful and less burdened leaving Mount Carmel yesterday.

“I must say I came home and felt very ‘high’. I slept like a lamb. I slept so solid. I didn’t run to return calls and respond to text messages etc. I allowed myself to feel the joy I left Mount Carmel with. Thank you so very much. You have an amazing gift. I feel you have opened up doors and helped me to understand myself and others so much better. I kept saying to my sister since I first saw your brochure at Mount Carmel, “I wonder if this Flavio is any good?” I kept asking at the front desk and it stayed with me. When I saw your name again in the fall brochure, I just knew I had to sign up.

“You are very right. My sister said she came because I made her, but in fact she wanted the help. I think when you have tried a few different places for help and nothing helps, you don’t want to admit you are looking for help, in case this one is another disappointment.

“I am interested in coming to your office for a few sessions. I’d like to know if you would be able to help me with procrastination and to lose 10-15 pounds with your therapy. Maybe we can book a session on a day where my sister and I can drive down together and both see you privately.

Thank you very much Flavio. Grazie.”

– BD

“He dares to counsel patients who have exhausted all other forms of treatment… and he succeeds!”

– Dr Gerald A. Fulton

“I’ve never gotten rid of so much junk from the past than with him. I start to notice things that are important for me in the universe now, I see and hear things, I feel more open than I have in a very long time.”

– Kelly M

“Through Flavio’s therapy, I came to see myself not as a victim but as a true survivor. My most important realization has been that I need to love myself first before I can allow someone else to love me. I have also come to understand the law of attraction which is how positive thoughts attract positive thoughts and negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts. With Flavio’s guidance, I am learning to be more positive and to focus on things that I already have in my life instead of things that I don’t.”

– MK

“When I first met Flavio I was lost, I had no idea who he was and to be honest, I had no idea whether or not he could help me. Unlike other professionals that I have met for the first time there was something about him that made me feel confident in telling him the things that troubled me.

“After working with Flavio while implying his monumental philosophy of “focusing on the things you want and watching the things you don’t want disappear”, I have been cast into one of my first professional acting roles. A feet that I would have never aspired to pursue without having worked with Flavio.

“I will always be grateful to him for all he has done for me. He is truly an inspirational man and more than that. It takes quite a confident man to be able to see the real things that bother someone and decide to tackle them head on. I carry his teachings with me everywhere I go. It is this new learned mentality that is taking me to places I only dreamed of and I’m only going further as my timeline progresses. Thank you Flavio!”

– Adam Sassi

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