Beautiful You

By Flavio Iammarino

Everything that is inside and outside of one’s self is beautiful. When we look through the eyes and mind of a child everything is not only beautiful, but everything is possible. Until a child is corrupted in his/her thoughts and beliefs and “learns” to judge, compare and compete, everything is viewed in its purest form, and its unique beauty is appreciated. We have all witnessed a child seeing something for the first time; it is viewed with wonder and fascination because a child sees only the beauty in everything. But the moment a child learns to compare, the child begins to see things in a distorted way. This is when he/she loses sight of the truth, and pain begins to take its place. When a child learns to compare, rather than see the innate beauty in all things, he/she starts to question his or her self. “I’m too short, “I’m not pretty enough, “I’m not good enough, “I’m not smart enough, “he or she is better than me, “without these clothes, or this makeup I’m not beautiful enough…”, all of these comparisons, and judgemental ways of thinking, bring only discouragement and pain.

Every single thing that was created whether it be human, plant or animal has its own beauty. We were created from love, and we were all created beautiful. There are billions of different plants, flowers, animals and people; each one is different, but each one has its own unique beauty. We must look at each one individually for what its true beauty is, instead of comparing one to another.

Remember that there is no one thing that is more beautiful than another. The greatest understanding and evolvement is when we realize that everyone and everything is unique and beautiful in its own way. If you want to see your own true beauty and feel comfortable in your own skin, stop listening to others, and comparing yourself to others. When you look at yourself inside and out without comparison or judgement, you will not only discover your own beauty, but you will begin to notice the beauty in all things that surround you. It often takes a maturity and evolvement to “unlearn” some of the things that have corrupted us along our journey, but once we clean up some of these distorted “learned” beliefs, we can begin to live again with the same peace, acceptance and love we did as a child. Often children are more evolved than many adults, they view the world for what is good in it, not what is wrong with it.

As you are reading and looking at the pictures in this magazine, look and read without judgement and comparison, and see the truth and beauty in everyone and everything. Some people may have different styles or taste than you do, but this is what makes our world so interesting… imagine how boring the world would be if we all looked, walked and talked the same… kind of a frightening picture if you think about it! It is our unique beauty that makes this world so exciting, interesting and colourful.

Get excited and begin to rediscover not only the beautiful you but the beauty in everything created – everything and everyone in this universe is beautiful and has a special gift to contribute – just open your heart and see things for what they are.

If you have a question that you would like answered in a future issue, contact Flavio at or call 905-684-1717 to learn how he can help you regain joy and peace in your life.

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